[asterisk-users] Forwarding

Michiel van Baak michiel at vanbaak.info
Sat Sep 23 07:18:25 MST 2006

On 15:49, Sat 23 Sep 06, Leif Neland wrote:
> Nick Ellson wrote:
> >How might you identify a mobile #? (assuming you refer to cellular
> >phones) Now that phone companies are allowing you to transfer your
> >land line to a mobile, it's no longer practical to use prefix
> >blocking.
> If a land line is transfered to mobile, does it cost more to call it than a 
> real land line?
> If it does; I'd require the phone company to give me a warning tone when I 
> call a disguised mobile.
> If it doesn't, then don't bother to block mobiles.

The costs for the call to mobile are for the person that
forwards his/her number to mobile.

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