[asterisk-dev] Re: [asterisk-users] OT But So Ungodly Important

Rushowr rushowr at phreaker.net
Sat Sep 23 03:23:45 MST 2006

> Please _don't_ ! I'm sympathetic to your situation,
> and we have all shouted for help in a crisis, but.....
> This VectorGraphics+Javascript+IE+windows
> exploit has _no_ relevance to this group.
> The only way that it is related to a discussion of asterisk
> source code development would be if either:
>     a) You are emphasizing the importance of safe coding style
> to protect against buffer overruns and can indicate somewhere
> in the asterisk codebase where you feel we should be doing better.
>     b) The vulnerability in some way impacts directly on asterisk
> (say via the new http/manager stuff).
> There are several new vulnerabilities discovered each day, and there are
> lists for them. This isn't one.
> Tim Panton
> www.mexuar.com

Mr Panton,

I apologize, I intended to send that particular post to _only_ the users
list, as an offering to anyone who may have needed the information.

Also, let me apologize again for the original request for help. I only
posted because I was asked to contact anyone and everyone I possibly
could to offer payment for assistance. If I could tell you the name of
the company I'm working for, you'd understand why it was an extremely
large concern. Again, I apologize, I know that posting so seriously off
topic is not condoned, and I have done my best to stick with this.

Thank you all for your understanding, and hopefully your forgiveness.
I've definitely been one of the first on various lists to bitch about
non-compliance with the rules and standard etiquette of lists.

Cheers all, I hope to have more on topic items to post about soon. In
particular I've been playing with some mysqlsql addon code lately :)

Sherwood McGowan

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