[asterisk-users] iaxy will register, but doesn't detect POTS line

Sean Kennedy skennedy at qualitydentists.com
Fri Sep 22 20:04:35 MST 2006

So I got some iaxys in the other day.  I got one of them working, the 
other is having issues. 

I am able to ping it, and upload a configuration file to it with a 
response.  Afterwards, it even registers with the asterisk server.  
However, I am unable to get a dial tone, nor does the device seem to 
register the phone being picked up at all. 

I'm thinking I have a faulty unit, but I would love to get some debug 
information out of it.  Can anybody give me any pointers or suggestions 
on how to continue from here?  I figure I'm calling digium come monday, 
but I would like to have it figured out by then.

Thanks in advance!


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