[asterisk-users] Re: [asterisk‑users] Integrating Asterisk with LDAP Realtime

Nick Burch nick at torchbox.com
Fri Sep 22 10:36:38 MST 2006

On Fri, 22 Sep 2006, Nick Couchman wrote:
>> Probably wherever openssl looks for them. Try /etc/pki/tls/certs/,
>> /etc/ssl/certs/ or /usr/share/ssl/certs/, depending on your distro. You'll
>> also need to symlink the certificate to its hash, check the openssl docs
>> if you haven't done this before.
> I've just finished trying this and I still get an error when Asterisk 
> tries to connect.  I have a couple other things I need to try (I need to 
> try to adjust my CA a little bit), but if anyone else has other 
> suggestions for me, I'd appreciate it.

Try strace? You might be able to see the real place it tries for the 
certificates, and what the real errors are

>> Even better, use wireshark (the new name for ethereal). It'll do a very
>> nice job (I tend to find better than tcpdump) at showing you the contents
>> of you ldap queries and responses.
> I was using ethereal to interpret the data, but my servers don't have X 
> on them so it's hard to run Ethereal or Wireshark directly on the 
> server.  So, I use tcpdump to capture to a file, then copy to my 
> workstation and use Ethereal to open it.

Make sure you use tcpdump with "-s 0" then


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