[asterisk-users] Re: Can you explain why multiple registration isan important (missing) feature ?

Eric "ManxPower" Wieling eric at fnords.org
Fri Sep 22 05:37:41 MST 2006

Tomislav Parčina wrote:
> In article <45127881.1060602 at fnords.org>, eric at fnords.org says...
>> Perhaps you are tying to use wildcard destinations in your setup.  This 
>> does not scale.
>> Wildcard:
>> exten => 1234567,1,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN})
>> This does not scale.
>> Each extension should have it's own exten => line and Dial(... line.
>> exten => 1234567,1,Dial(SIP/[0004f201e443-a) because 0004f201e443-a is 
>> the userid of the phone that you want to send the call to.
> As far as I'm concern that isn't acceptable. I would newer make such configuration. Imagine 1000 extensions and for every one of them you have to create line like above in extensons.conf. 

Correct.  If this is an issue then write some scripts to make it easier. 
  We've not bothered since we only have to do this when the device for 
an extension changes or when we have to add/remove an extension.  That 
does not happen all that often.

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