[asterisk-users] Fax Detection on outbound call

Mark Edwards mark at switchnet.com.au
Fri Sep 22 03:59:30 MST 2006


Agents are logged individually into queues and can therefore work offhook.
My application issues an 'originate' via AMI from the queue to the
destination number. When the call is answered it is bridged and connects the
Agent to the destination party.

The desired effect would be that when the application makes a call to the
destination party, if it is a fax number, the call can be prevented from
sending audio back to the agent.

Happy to provide any further information...



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On Fri, Sep 22, 2006 at 05:17:03PM +1000, Mark Edwards wrote:
> I'm trying to configure my asterisk server to detect fax on an outbound
> call. The reason for this is that I have a bunch of interviewers in an
> outbound callcentre who don't like listening to fax machines and I want to
> be able to detect fax on the outbound leg before attempting to bridge the
> call.
> I have tried using app_nv_faxdetect with the M(faxdetect) option of the
> command, but I am not sure that this is operating on the right leg of the
> call.
> I have tried with /etc/asterisk/Zapata.conf and the faxdetect=... entries,
> but this doesn't seem to have the desired effect.

What is the desired effect? What do you get?

Can you provide more informamtion on your configuration?

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