[asterisk-users] freepbx dial plan, add and remove at the same time

Mike Williams mike.williams at comodo.com
Fri Sep 22 02:31:37 MST 2006


I'm try to setup a dial plan in freepbx to work properly with ENUM lookups.
However, the only example I can find that works in the UK is somewhat complex. 
Basically, it has 3 outbound routes (local, national, internation) to strip 
certain leading digits in a specific order, before a trunk does some more 

I got very close to doing it with a single outbound route (the default, strip 
the 9, pass the rest) and a single trunk.
Where I got stuck was changing 01234567890 into 441234567890.
I did see this example:
Which to me suggests it will add 61 and strip a leading 0, but either way 
round it didn't work (even with the correct 10 digits).

Can a dial plan infact add and remove numbers at the same time? If so, how?

Asterisk 1.2.11, FreePBX 2.1.2.


Mike Williams

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