[asterisk-users] new in 1.4?

Zoa zoachien at securax.org
Fri Sep 22 02:12:29 MST 2006

I was thinking the same thing when reading the press release on sineapps 
and writing a news article for asteriskguru.

I think this covers most of it:

- Generic Jitter Buffer
- t.38 passthrough
- Dial plan programming language (AEL v2)
- Asterisk can talk to googletalk and Jabber networks
- imap storage for voicemail
- whisper paging
- Autoconf configuration
- menuselect (graphical module select tool similar to the kernel config 
- higher quality prompts (in English, French and Spanish). - watch out 
they are restructured a little


Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk wrote:

> Hi all
> I've read through the UPGRADE.txt file, but AFAIK it does not quite  
> discuss all the new stuff with 1.4. Neither the jitterbuffer nor the  
> packetization patch (#5162, if that ever made it into 1.4) are  
> mentioned. So, is there a document somewhere describing what's new in  
> asterisk?
> thanks
> roy
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