[asterisk-users] Forwarding

Nick Ellson grimm at nickellson.com
Fri Sep 22 01:25:01 MST 2006

How might you identify a mobile #? (assuming you refer to cellular phones) 
Now that phone companies are allowing you to transfer your land line to a 
mobile, it's no longer practical to use prefix blocking.

Where I worked, they just gave up and just restricted forwarding to long 
distant numbers except by exclusion (for those at the top of the food 
chain, so to speak)

If there is a way to identify, from the number dialed, that the 
destination is a mobile phone, I'd be interested as well.

And curious, why such a preference?

Nick Ellson
MCSE 2000, Security+, Network+
Network Hobbyist, VFR Private Pilot.

On Fri, 22 Sep 2006, Paul Hales wrote:

> I am trying to find a way to stop phones from being forwarded to mobiles
> - the clients are allowed to forward phones in general, but we want to
> stop them forwarding calls to mobiles.
> Is there a SIP header I can check for in the dialplan?
> I have searched around, but I probably don't quite know what keyword to
> use in my search...
> PaulH
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