[asterisk-users] Dynamic DNS asterisk server?

Martin Joseph ast at stillnewt.org
Thu Sep 21 23:17:42 MST 2006


I am hating my ISP (comcast) and thinking about switching.  One of my 
options seems pretty good, but doesn't offer a static IP (maybe they 
will for extra $).

Is anyone out there running an asterisk server via dynamic DNS and is 
this a workable setup?

I know my remote ATA's are fine with doing the name lookups,  but I 
wonder if the asterisk server itself will happy behind a nat and a 
dynamic IP?

SIP.conf seems to clearly state that externhost isn't a good way to go 
and externip is recommended for production environments...  This seems 
like it's a problem for dynamic DNS?

Thanks for any experiences and or thoughts on this.

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