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Race Vanderdecken asteriskusers at codetyrant.com
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If it is a wav file you can take the size of the file in bytes and
subtract 44.

So if the file is 5 seconds long, and is 16 bit Linera PCM (uncompressed
ulaw), it contains  80,044 bytes.

Length = 80,044 - 44 = 80,0000

16,000 bytes / second is uncompressed ulaw, i.e. G.711

80000/ 5 = 16,000 bytes per second

so if you do this:

(size - 44 ) / 16 = time in seconds.

(80,044 - 44) / 16 = 5 seconds

So if you want the file to be more than 2 seconds to be good. Do this

2 * 16,000 + 44 = 32,044 bytes. 

So if the file size is greater than 32,000 bytes you have a good file.
Any thing less then 32,000 bytes would fall under the 2 second

How you get the size of the file is up to you.

What language are you using? API?


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Somewhere near Asheville, NC.

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At some point in my dial plan, I need to find out the length of a sound 
file in seconds (to weed out things that are way too short)

the record application doesn't seem to have any facilities to do that.

any ideas ?
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