[asterisk-users] asterisk and PowerEdge 1950

Ryan Amos ramos at finetooth.com
Thu Sep 21 12:28:18 MST 2006

It is almost always better to use a single T1/E1 card when possible to
avoid conflicts. A Digium TE2XXP series card sounds like what you would
need. The price is usually less than buying 2 single cards.

The server itself is fine. It has 2 PCI slots, so if you went with a
single card you would be able to expand later should you find the need.

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hey folks

we're planing to install asterisk for a client of ours
was just wondering if the Dell's PowerEdge 1950
will take 2 - T1 cards.

or if there any recommendations as to which 
server would be good for our project.


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