[asterisk-users] IAX or SIP termination provider that reaches 6421xxxxxxx?

Mojo with Horan & Company, LLC mojo at horanappraisals.com
Thu Sep 21 10:19:15 MST 2006

Is there anybody else out there that can terminate to 6421xxxxxxx?  It's 
mobile, New Zealand Vodafone.  I'd like to consider all options.


Mojo with Horan & Company, LLC wrote:
> Hi, my asterisk is set up with a pay-as-you-go Teliax account, and can 
> dial out just fine to most numbers, but this cell phone number in New 
> Zealand, 6421xxxxxxx, just rings and rings.  Teliax support says:
> "Unfortunately, not all International Cell numbers can be dialed by 
> Teliax users.  There is a problem from the receiving side.  They have 
> restricted us.  We may appear as a solicitor to them and that is the way 
> they take the call.  If this works from a land line or pots line, that 
> may be the case."
> This does work from a pots line.
> Do any list members know of a SIP or IAX termination providers that can 
> call this country/city code combination?  the city code, assigned to 
> Vodafone (mobile/wireless?) is 21.
> Thanks!

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