[asterisk-users] Asteisk plays music on hold starting from randompoint

Robert Chadwell rob at cmgfunding.com
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This format works just how you want it to - it will play the files
starting at the beginning. If you convert your files to .wav or some
other format - you will get a cleaner sound. From what I have read,
Fedora opens a single instance of the file regardless of the number
accessing it, using Format_MP3 (the native MOH player in Asterisk 1.2
that replaced mpg123) - so you should save on CPU usage using this
program instead of mpg123. From the post that I read, the person was
testing it using a .wav file.

Here is the copied musiconhold.conf setup

random=yes      ; Play the files in a random order

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I'm using mpg123 to play music on hold but it seems that Asterisk does 
play the music from a random point: is there a way to make my music on 
hold always starting from beginning?


Giorgio Incantalupo

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