[asterisk-users] How much SIP calls can I squeeze from this box

Erick Perez eaperezh at gmail.com
Thu Sep 21 00:19:35 MST 2006

Hi lists,
I would like to know how much can i get from the below configuration.
I have a machine in my office that I want to use for demo purpose. The
features I want to implement are:
voicemail (users call the box to get their messages)
voicemail to email (some users will the the vm by email)
pbx like behavior (music on hold, a simple IVR to select what
department to talk to)
Full 100% call recording.

Software spec:
Centos 4.4
no sql
SIP users with IP hardphones running g711

Asterisk Box: Dual core Pentium D at 2.4ghz, 533fsb, Intel 945GNT
board,100Mbit intel NIC. Dual 80gbit sata2 disk.
A 8-port fxs card (pci in a PCI-X slot) and the FXS will be connected
to a Panasonic PBX

Protocol: G711 all the way if possible (even in moh)

SIP users?????:
Here it comes my question in terms of:
- Registered users
- Simultaneous calls (remember full call recording)

BTW: What options do I have to minimize disk writes for the call
recording part? more ram to make it as a ramdisk? special ramdisk
cards? any special format or way to capture/encode/store the recorded

During night hours I was thinking of moving the recorded files to
another server via NFS.

thanks in advance.

Erick Perez
Panama Sistemas
Integradores de Telefonia IP y Soluciones Para Centros de Datos
Panama, Republica de Panama
Cel Panama. +(507) 6694-4780

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