[asterisk-users] Asteisk plays music on hold starting from random point

Yoann Aubineau yoann.aubineau at wengo.fr
Wed Sep 20 10:50:48 MST 2006

Le mercredi 20 septembre 2006 à 18:18 +0200, Giorgio Incantalupo a
écrit :
> Hi,
> I'm using mpg123 to play music on hold but it seems that Asterisk does 
> play the music from a random point: is there a way to make my music on 
> hold always starting from beginning?

Use native format audio (ulaw, alaw, gsm and the likes) not mp3.


With MP3 music-on-hold, Asterisk spawns only ONE mpg123 process (or
whatever you mp3player is). Thus, you have only ONE audio stream and all
your users hear the same music at the same time. It's recommended if you
have a huge number of users on hold at the same time.

With native format music-on-hold, Asterisk reads and streams the audio
as if it were a Playback. The music start at the beginning for EACH
user. So they DON'T hear the same sound at the same time. This method is
know to produce better quality sound than with mp3.

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