[asterisk-users] Sip configuration using mysql

Arkaitz arkaitzj at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 10:26:31 MST 2006


On 9/20/06, Michel Vaillancourt <mvaillancourt at neoxo.com> wrote:
> Arkaitz wrote:
> > Hi,
> > Thanks, now i see the phone in "show sip peers", I've been reading
> > about rtcachefriends and now i understand what was the problem.
> > But the other problem is still here :(. It seems that asterisk is
> > unable to find any file in the system, not gsm file nor codec...
> > nothing.  It's strange since i provide the same options in sip.conf
> > than in mysql row, but still it fails. i don't understand why.
> > Thanks for your time
> >
>         Suggest you check file permissions vs the user that Asterisk is running as.

Ok, I'll check tomorrow(i'm not at work now), but if the problem is
the permissions i think it should fail too using sip.conf instead of
mysql, i supose that the way it manages users is not related to the
user that Asterisk is running as nor to the permissions of the
filesystem. i am confused?
Thanks for your time

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