[asterisk-users] Grandstream SX2000 attended tranfer

Daniel Salama lists at infoway.net
Wed Sep 20 09:05:01 MST 2006

We can do attended transfers on the GXP-2000 just fine with a single  

When you have a call on Line 1, simply press Line 2 (Line 1 will be  
put on hold automatically) and press SEND. Once the other party picks  
up, you announce the call and then press TRNSFR and then press Line 1.

- Daniel

On Sep 20, 2006, at 11:12 AM, Faris Raouf wrote:

> magnus wrote:
>> Hi all, could anyone share how to perform attended transfers with  
>> Asterisk
>> and Grandstream SX2000's - we are able to perform blind transfers  
>> with no
>> problem, but attended transfers fail - is it necessary to set two  
>> line
>> identities on the phones to be able to do this?
>> Appreciate all input, thanks - Magnus
> Funny you should ask -- I was going to ask the exact same question  
> about the GXP-2000 (is that the model you mean or is there a new  
> similar phone?). At any rate they both seem to have the same problem:
> In order to do an attended transfer on the Grandstreams we have to  
> have two accounts defined on the phone (both on separate usernames/ 
> numbers in our case - maybe you can do it with one?), one on Line 1  
> and one on Line 2.
> Call comes in on Line 1. Put caller on hold. Dial person you want  
> to transfer to on Line 2. Then transfer.
> I've tried pressing Line 2 until the identity of Line 1 comes up -  
> i.e. reuse Line 1 - but this does not work. Instantly fails.
> The instruction manual gives completely different instructions but  
> these simply do not work.
> And what is not clear is how the transfer works when using the  
> strange two account situation - is the transfer going * -> phone ->  
> person you are transferred to once transferred? (can reinvite = no  
> incidentally) or is the phone
> This is all completely unlike the case with a Polycom where it just  
> lets you transfer with no problems and just one line.
> I'm using the latest stable firmware on the Grandstreams - it has  
> been like this for all firmware versions I've used for over a year  
> now.
> Faris.
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