[asterisk-users] Cannot hear the other side of the phone call

Dennis P. Clark dpclark at DENPRO.COM
Wed Sep 20 08:49:35 MST 2006

I have had Asterisk 1.2.10 up and running for the past two months.  I
have not done anything to the system in the last month.  

I am using broadvoice.com as a sip provider.  Yesterday everything was
working fine and now when I call out or receive calls I cannot hear the
person on the other line, however they can hear me just fine.  When I
call internally to another extension both parties can hear eachother.
This only seems to be happening when I dial out.  

Additionally I setup a soft phone (X-Lite) and connected directly to the
broadvoice.com sip server and I was able to communicate perfectly.  

Any Ideas?


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