[asterisk-users] Grandstream SX2000 attended tranfer

Faris Raouf asterisk at raouf.net
Wed Sep 20 08:12:34 MST 2006

magnus wrote:
> Hi all, could anyone share how to perform attended transfers with Asterisk
> and Grandstream SX2000's - we are able to perform blind transfers with no
> problem, but attended transfers fail - is it necessary to set two line
> identities on the phones to be able to do this?
> Appreciate all input, thanks - Magnus

Funny you should ask -- I was going to ask the exact same question about 
the GXP-2000 (is that the model you mean or is there a new similar 
phone?). At any rate they both seem to have the same problem:

In order to do an attended transfer on the Grandstreams we have to have 
two accounts defined on the phone (both on separate usernames/numbers in 
our case - maybe you can do it with one?), one on Line 1 and one on Line 2.

Call comes in on Line 1. Put caller on hold. Dial person you want to 
transfer to on Line 2. Then transfer.

I've tried pressing Line 2 until the identity of Line 1 comes up - i.e. 
reuse Line 1 - but this does not work. Instantly fails.

The instruction manual gives completely different instructions but these 
simply do not work.

And what is not clear is how the transfer works when using the strange 
two account situation - is the transfer going * -> phone -> person you 
are transferred to once transferred? (can reinvite = no incidentally) or 
is the phone

This is all completely unlike the case with a Polycom where it just lets 
you transfer with no problems and just one line.

I'm using the latest stable firmware on the Grandstreams - it has been 
like this for all firmware versions I've used for over a year now.


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