[asterisk-users] Realtime madness

Michel Vaillancourt mvaillancourt at neoxo.com
Wed Sep 20 06:42:42 MST 2006

Scott Pinhorne wrote:
> Hi All
> I have 2 sip users setup in the database for realtime and they also have
> their extension setup in the database.
> When I register user 1 fine and can make and recieve calls.
> As soon as i register user2 user1 is then unable to make any calls??
> If i put the config fr both users in the flat config files and register
> them both it works fine, its only when they are running in realtime from
> database.
> anyone knwo whats going? a comand line output doesnt shown anything for
> user1 when user2 is registered.
> thanks
> scott

	Not really sure what is going on here.  We use ARI for everything. There 40 phones defined in our office set up, for example, and  call routing never hitches up.  Can you post a sanitized SELECT * of your SIP user table?

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