[asterisk-users] MOH distorted on Pound Key Linux on asterisk 1.2.8

brandon kruz highendpcs at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 19 19:46:02 MST 2006

is this open source poundkey?

and can i see your moh conf??

im guessing its open source pk since you mentioned the asterisk 1.2.8 part.

and also is it the default MOH or your own cooked up version??
also i recommend, if not necessary the EXACT mpg version described in the 
(321 0.9?) something similar, please try this, but first of all before we go 
that extreme.

lets see your conf's and if you made your own music, or default MOH
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>Running Asterisk 1.2.8 on Pound Key linux which I downloaded from Digium
>Uname output:
>Linux localhost #1 Wed Nov 23 11:31:48 EST 2005
>i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux
>It didn't come with mpg123 so I downloaded it from the internet.  MOH
>works, but it is terribly  loud and mistorted. Tried running under
>quitemp3 profile but it didn't help.
>I feel like there is something I may be missing here. Any ideas???
>Thanks in advance.
>Jeronimo Romero
>EUS Networks
>Email: jromero at euscorp.com
>Cell: 917-332-7238
>Office: 212-624-5943
>Web: www.euscorp.com

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