[asterisk-users] g729 and polycoms problem

Alyed Tzompa alyed.tzompa at simitel.com
Tue Sep 19 14:53:33 MST 2006

		Make sure the codec used by the Polycom
will be only g729 via the phone's web interface, as far as I remember
Polycom will try always to use ulaw or alaw first unless it is
configured to use only or as first choice the g729 codec.


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Hi, I'm experiencing some problems with polycom phones, asterisk and g729 codec.

As I understand, between polycom and polycom i can use g729 without
license at all as long as I'm using codec_g729.so module (i'm using
the Open Source Implementation (
http://www.readytechnology.co.uk/open/ipp-codecs-g729-g723.1/ )
because it's pure pass-thru and there's no transcoding).

My sip.conf has the following options:


callerid=user <202>
mailbox=202 at default

so i force the voipuser to use g729 as main codec. The problem comes
when i try to connect to other polycom phone with the same config as
voipuser. The CLI shows the following:

Sep 19 18:37:38 NOTICE[8226]: chan_sip.c:3691 process_sdp: No compatible codecs!

show modules doesnt show codec_g729.so but if i try to load it i get this:

Unable to load module codec_g729.so
Sep 19 18:39:16 WARNING[10688]: loader.c:305 __load_resource: Module
'codec_g729.so' already exists

Anyone had this issue?

If you need more information, feel fre to ask for it :)

Thanks a lot!

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