[asterisk-users] grandstream gxp 2000 does not display names when calling out

Marco Mouta marco.mouta at gmail.com
Tue Sep 19 11:25:37 MST 2006

test it with someextension and using a sipphone like xlite or something else
and you will be able to understand if it is a grandstream issue!

hope it helps

On 9/19/06, Christopher Corn <christopher_corn at yahoo.com> wrote:
> i have trixbox running, the latest version and when i make an outgoing
> call from this phone it doesn't pick up the user's name, but instead display
> the number. is this a grandstream problem? or asterisk?
> i did specify the user name from 'extension"  within trixbox. in matter of
> face, if i call into that gxp phone, it will display that users name, just
> doesn't do so when calling out from that phone.
> any help is appreciated. thanks.
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