[asterisk-users] Repost: Register message received from realtime peer crashes Asterisk

Cameron and Karlene kjcsb at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 19 10:33:22 MST 2006

When Asterisk ( receives a SIP register message for a realtime
peer, the CLI reports "Disconnected from Asterisk server". Asterisk has
asterisk -r
Unable to connect to remote asterisk (does /var/run/asterisk/asterisk.ctl

A look at the full log doesn't reveal much:
Sep 17 06:11:25 DEBUG[11011] acl.c: ##### Testing 60.234.nnn.nnn with
Sep 17 06:11:25 DEBUG[11011] chan_sip.c: Target address 60.234.nnn.nnn is
not local, substituting externip
Sep 17 06:11:25 DEBUG[11011] res_config_mysql.c: MySQL RealTime: Retrieve
SQL: SELECT * FROM sip_buddies WHERE name = '6000'
Sep 17 06:11:25 DEBUG[11011] res_config_mysql.c: MySQL RealTime: Everything
is fine.

Asterisk then restarts (it gets a new pid) and will continue running happily
until a new register request is received for a realtime peer. Note that
Asterisk operates normally in all other respects until the register is
received e.g. sip peers in sip.conf can register and make calls
successfully. Only when a register is received from a peer that exists in
sip_buddies does Asterisk crash.

I can run the query successfully on mysql command line:
SELECT * FROM sip_buddies WHERE name = '6000';
1 row in set (0.32 sec)

A review of syslog and the mysql log reveals little:
mysql log
060917  6:54:31      14 Init DB     asterisk
       14 Query       SELECT * FROM sip_buddies WHERE name = '6000'

Nothing report at the time of the crash (06:54).

sipusers => mysql,asterisk,sip_buddies
sippeers => mysql,asterisk,sip_buddies

dbhost =
dbname = asterisk
dbuser = root
dbpass = password
dbport = 3306

Could anyone advise what's going on or further checking that I could do to
analyse the problem?



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