[asterisk-users] RE: FollowMe question

Darrick Hartman dhartman at djhsolutions.com
Tue Sep 19 08:01:48 MST 2006

Rushowr wrote:
> Hall, Eric M. wrote:
>> I got the config working. Not sure if someone has pre-recorded sounds
>> for this app or not. Looked all over for them and I'm unable to locate
>> them.If anyone has sound file they would like to share that would help
>> me greatly.
<snip--PLEASE learn to trim your replies>

> I wouldn't mind a shot at creating the sound files in my little studio
> here. Just give me a set of prompts/messages to record and I'll
> contribute :)
BJ already has sounds that are available for this app.  Since 1.4 has 
not been released, they may be a little harder to find than the sounds 
included with 1.2.  If you go here [1] you'll find sounds.  If they are 
not in that directory, I have the gsm files that BJ had originally 
included on the bug tracker when he originally created the app_followme 
for early 1.2 branch versions (note that it won't work in current 1.2 
versions but only SVN trunk (sometime to be 1.4)

[1]:  http://ftp.digium.com/pub/telephony/sounds/releases/


Darrick Hartman
DJH Solutions, LLC

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