[asterisk-users] How to Dial a number with Sangoma PRI card?

Mario mgnospam at fgasoftware.com
Tue Sep 19 01:14:36 MST 2006

I have a Sangoma PRI card configured for E1 line (i.e. 30+1 channels per 
port) and I'm not quite sure on how the Dial command should performed.

I'm using the standard Dial command as if it were a Zap channel. For example

    Dial(Zap/1/1234) ; Dial 1234 using channel 1 on port 1
    Dial(Zap/32/1234) ; Dial 1234 using channel 1 on port 2 (i.e. 32nd 
zapata entry)
Most often than not this works, but sometimes the call fails. However, 
reading the Asterisk docs, it says that to dial using a PRI card I 
should use, instead, the following command:

    Dial(Zap/1-1/1234) ; Dial using channel 1 on port 1
    Dial(Zap/2-1/1234) ; Dial using channel 1 on port 2

Which one is correct? Should I dial Zap/32 or Zap/2-1 to go through the 
1st channel on port 2?

I'm scared of changing my whole dial plan and then discover that, 
occasionally, things do not work as expected.

Please, can someone who has used Sangoma PRI card help me? My 
Zapata.conf is set as if we had 60+ channels (something similar to this):

    context = my_context
    group = 1
    signalling = pri_cpe
    switchtype = euroisdn
    channel => 1-15, 17-31 ; Same, up to channel 62

Thanks in advance.

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