[asterisk-users] Enabling Second Processor Trashes Audio Quality

George Pajari George.Pajari at netvoice.ca
Mon Sep 18 17:07:31 MST 2006

Any thoughts on this one?

IBM xSeries 330 processor running Debian 3.1 (2.6.8 kernel) with a 
TE406P board.

Working fine (more or less) connected to a couple of PRIs.

Rebuild kernel with support for second CPU and inbound (PRI -> SIP) 
audio is badly garbled. Outbound (Asterisk -> PRI) is fine.

Rebooting a kernel with support for only a single CPU clears up the problem

There is a small possibility that the TE406P card is acting up and that 
the audio problem is coincidental with the switch between 
dual-processor/single-processor kernels but thought I'd consult the list 
for advice.

Will be swapping out the TE406P for a new TE407P in the next couple of 
days and will report findings then.


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