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Mon Sep 18 14:53:32 MST 2006

You'll need to change your XP box to the default router of the phone (or,
just change your XP to a static on your local net, then add a static
ip under advanced for the default route of the phone, that way you still
have access to the internet from your XP box), and then add (under advanced)
the IP address of the tftp server the phone is looking for.  Since your XP
box now knows about the local network of the phone, and the IP of the tftp
server, it won't tell the phone to go elsewhere.

That will at least get you to the point where the phone will try to access
your tftp server.  As far as the rest, you'll probably need to start out on
Cisco's version 3 of SIP and keep upgrading it version by version (at least
major version) until you get to the version you want to run.

To get more info on this, you can search Cisco's website on upgrading from
MGCP to SIP.  I've done this a few times, but it seems like I had to try
different things each time to get things working.  There was nothing
consistent enough for me to write down the steps I took.  I had one phone
take me most of the day, another I had pretty much given up on, and then
suddenly it worked.  Be persistent.  Eventually you will get there.

You will need a smartnet contract to do this, unless you already have access
to all the firmware versions of the phone.

On 9/18/06, Gary Guthary <gguthary at jtech.net> wrote:
> I know this isn't directly Asterisk related. - But I do appreciate the
> responses I get from you folks. - At least I don't get flamed like I've
> seen
> on the Java & Perl-Mod lists (geesh!).
> Okay - Here's what I've got.
> A Cisco (used) 7940 that's loaded with MGCP and I want to load SIP so
> it'll
> work on my Asterisk box (outside of the FXO & FXS modules on the TDM card
> in
> the Asterisk server, I only run SIP on the hardphones).
> I don't know the phone's password (sound familiar?). - Have tried
> everything, "cisco", "*##", etc....  Nothing works.
> So I figured I would set up a .cnf or .tlv (or whatever file MGCP looks
> for)
> with a one-line entry something like 'phone_password:cisco' then let the
> phone TFTP the file and reset it's password. - Then I can get into the
> 'innards' and set up my local stuff so I can upgrade/reload the phone with
> SIP and get it ready for my Asterisk box. - Sound do-able?
> This is going to be an exercise in 'Networking' for sure.......
> The only catch is that per the phone's network settings:
> The phone uses a static IP of something like with a Gateway
> of
> - Standard class 'C' netmask (
> The phone has DHCP DISABLED.
> The phone has it's TFTP server set to something like 62.120.xxx.xxx
> (something completely outside of the local network).
> My home LAN uses 10.0.0.xxx on the local side.
> But I can reset my XP-Box to and ping the phone with no
> probs.
> But If I set my XP-Box to a static IP of the Phone's TFTP server, my
> 'SolarWinds' TFTP server sees nothing. - Figured as much as the phone's IP
> and my TFTP server's IP are not in the same 'net.
> Bottom line. - I've got to figure out a way to build a 'mini-network' so
> the
> phone'll be happy but also set up a PC & TFTP with the same address that's
> set in the phone. - Perhaps I can fake-out the phone into thinking it's
> hitting a TFTP box on the Internet (????).
> I've got plenty of PC's & even a spare Linksys router.
> Any ideas. - Or is there something simpler. - Or have I just bought an
> expensive paper-weight?
> Thanks in advance.
> Gary Guthary
> gguthary at jtech.net
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