[asterisk-users] ANI and Meetme...

Natambu Obleton nobleton at fasttrackcomm.net
Mon Sep 18 14:29:04 MST 2006

Ok. First question is how to make it say my number back.

Like if you call extension 1000 from extension 1001, I want it to say
"Number is 1,0,0,1" like an ANI number? Help.



Also I want to setup a meetme conference so that it asks "Enter conference
number" then execute meetme($entered_number) 



I feel dumb asking because these sound like they should be so easy, but I
can't find any help with this. Thanks.



Natambu Obleton

Network Engineer

FastTrack Communications

nobleton at fasttrackcomm.net

(970) 247-3366 office

(970) 247-2426 fax



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