[asterisk-users] INSTALL_PREFIX=

Forrest Beck jonforrest.beck at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 12:23:57 MST 2006

I am looking to setup asterisk on a DRBD distributed volume.  The
overall goal is to setup a redundant server that will kick in when the
primary fails.  So I am thinking of just setting up a directory like
/drbd (or /mirror) and install the entire asterisk application (logs,
var run, etc) all on /drbd by compiling with INSTALL_PREFIX=/drbd.
The only thing I would put on the actual server and not get replicated
is a couple init scripts and zaptel configs.  I am going to try and
setup hearbeat to start asterisk on the secondary server when the
primary fails.  I am hoping that this will help with sharing issues
like run pid.  Some downtime is OK.  If the entire failover takes 5-10
minutes it's OK.  My question is.  Has anyone tried this?  Does anyone
for see any problems?

Thanks for all the help this list has provided in the past...


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