[asterisk-users] X100P and zaptel 1.2.8

Tim tjapml at cometonovascotia.ca
Mon Sep 18 10:50:09 MST 2006

Hello list. I have Asterisk installed on my small home Linux machine, and it was
working with softphones. I later got a X100P card (I think it was a clone, buit
Asterisk saw it as a real X100P). I then got side-tracked and the hard drive
later failed in the machine. I've replace the whole machine, and installed
Slackware 10.2. I've re-compiled the kernel with 2.4.33, and I'm having a
problem compiling zaptel-1.2.8. During the make process I see many;

warning: dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules

But it doesn't actually fail. But when I attempt a make install I get

depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in /lib/modules/2.4.33/misc/pciradio.o
(where pciradio.o changes to tor2.0, torisa.o ... zadynamic.o)

Am I missing an option in my kernel's compilation, or is there a package
missing(I'm almost positve I selected everything, and it did work on my
previous Slackware installation, but that might have been 10, or 10.1)

Any help/pointers would appreciated.


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