[asterisk-users] Dial and Timeout

Tobias Wolf tobias.wolf at evision.de
Mon Sep 18 08:40:59 MST 2006


we have experienced som troubles with the timeout option of the
Dial-App. It seems the Dial startts counting down the timeout imediatly,
but there are great differences when the called phone actually starts
ringing. If i call a landline phone in my own country it is nearly the
same, but if i want to call a cell phone it could take up to 10 secs
until the phone begins to ring.

So, if i want to dial with a timeout of 30 secs until i want to do
something else, a landline user has 30 seconds of time to answer the
call, but the cell user has only 20 seconds, more or less.

In use cases where i don't know what type of phone is to be called it
becomes quite difficult to set an appropriate timeout.

Is there someway to get Dial() to start the countdown, when the channel
state changes to "ringing" ?

Thx for any advice,

Tobias Wolf

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