[asterisk-users] Why not g726-32?

RR ranjtech at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 05:07:49 MST 2006

> That's all well and good, but there are some phones out there that pack
> samples into RTP payloads using the AAL2 direction. This causes interop
> nightmares (i.e. your phones talk G.726-32, someone elses phones talk
> G.726-32, but it sounds rubbish when you attempt a conversation). I
> would guess that this might be why people avoid the G.726 codec.

Interesting, maybe the reasons you and Rich stated might be some of
the reasons I suppose. Thankfully neither of these will affect us
since all the voip gateways/IADs and phones will be distributed and
certified by us and BYOD type of a scenario will be highly discouraged
PLUS I'm thinking of using g726 only when people want to interact with
*. Every other time they'll be using g711 or g729 for off-net calls.

This topic is still open, if anyone else has some interesting comments
about it :)

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