[asterisk-users] A1200+fxo, anyone using this?

Darrick Hartman dhartman at djhsolutions.com
Sun Sep 17 14:07:23 MST 2006

Nick Ellson wrote:
> I know it's not a digium product, but the 12 port A1200P card with a 
> single FXO module at pbxeq.com at first glance would seem to be the 
> way to get started for me with an in-system controller card. 4 ports 
> seems too small for expansion, the huge 24 port card a tad too big 
> (and spendy).
> So has anyone used this card with Asterisk? I googled for reviews and 
> have not found anything, and I am tryingto find a way to search the 
> archives without looking at each month one at a time.
> Nick
I have one.  I used it some when I had an analog line at my main 
office.  It worked the same as the TDM400 card.  I even received faxes 
on it via iaxmodem and hylafax.

I got the card more or less to evaluate it.  Since then, Sangoma's card 
was released and is the way I'm going on commercial installations.  If 
you'd be interested in the card I have, contact me off list and we could 
probably work something out.


Darrick Hartman
DJH Solutions, LLC

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