[asterisk-users] Polycom programmable buttons

Noah Miller noahisaacmiller at gmail.com
Sun Sep 17 13:38:56 MST 2006

Hi Again Ron -

> Yeah i was messing around last night and saw that! Now if I can only get the
> other caller to not hear the DTMF digits id be set! I didnt know you could
> remap the keys to DTMF digits, but since I can do that this will work
> perfect for the most part!

Let me qualify by saying that you can remap a key to a DTMF digit
(notice the singular).  You can now (as of sip firmware 2.01) remap a
key to a speed dial for multiple DTMF digits, but this may start a new
channel.  I'm not sure as I haven't yet tested this.

- Noah

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