[asterisk-users] Integrating the Openser for VoiceMail and PBX with Asterisk, For Account

raviprakash sunkara sunkara.raviprakash.feb14 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 23:51:54 MST 2006

Hi Users,
I'm  new to Asterisk programming , I'm in working the Voip Technologies by
using the  OpenSER for my call routing process and Radius For AAA.
But in Asterisk i need   it for only PBX and VoiceMail,
For Account  I'm using the  Openser + Radius .
Main My doubt is  that,
                    For Call Routing my using the OpenSER. every thing is
fine and Good ..

                    But i need the Voicemail , it forword to the Asterisk
Server, that . Is the Openser takes the Accounting part or Asterisk it Take
place ....

                    Who did the Database know the User had a voicemail in
his voice mail Box... That Databases i need  How ?

Please Help me ....
And Mainly Excuse me in English

Thanks and Regards
*Ravi Prakash Sunkara*
 *M*:+91 9985077535
*O*:+91 40 23114549
*F*:+91 40 40208727   *ravi.sunkara at hyperion-tech.com*
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