[asterisk-users] Reliability of the newer IAXy's

Andrew Joakimsen joakimsen at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 13:36:32 MST 2006

This goes for everyone;

With an Asterisk server directly assigned a public static IP and with
the client SIP devices behind a NAT (usually Linksys routers) I have
yet to have a NAT issue, even when the client is behind dual NATs.

On 9/15/06, John Novack <jnovack at stromberg-carlson.org> wrote:
>  Regarding the IAXy, newer model-  S101i
> I have an application for one. Both the IAXy and the Asterisk would be
> behind routers ( cheap Linksys ones ) , both ends with a dynamic (
> subject to change ) IP address.
> I have RTFM, such as it is, and really don't see how it can be properly
> configured
> Would I be better off with the 2100 and tough through the NAT issues?
> Any suggestions??

As far as I recall, the IAXy does NOT support setting the server to be
a hostname, only by IP address, so that setup with an IAXy would be

What you would need to do is setup the DDNS (dynamic DNS) of the
router that is in front of the Asterisk box. So then you will have a
hostname, saye novack.dyndns.org and then your clients will connect to
that address, which will consistantly be updated to your current IP.

You also need to deal with the NAT issues, I've never setup SIP
clients to an Asterisk behind a NAT, so I can't help you there.

BTW: Is the firmware for it not open-source??? I don't recall ever seeing it.

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