[asterisk-users] mISDN versus ZapHFC with BRIstuff

Henrik Woffinden hw at nitramlexa.com
Fri Sep 15 08:04:28 MST 2006

I have 2 single BRI s0 cards.
  -1 in TE mode for the outside line
  -1 in NT mode for the inside phones

If I dial the group with "Dial(Zap/g2/,60,t)" then all MSN's on all
phones ring.
But how do I dial so only MSN 10,11,12 rings?
If I dial every number as "Dial(Zap/g2/10&Zap/g2/11&Zap/g2/12,60,t)"
then only 10 and 11 rings on separate b-channels and 12 is busy/congested.

I know it can be done, cause my hardware PBX (Elmeg 46e) can do it using
only 1 b-channel or through the d-channel.

Best regards,

Henrik Woffinden

Kai Ober wrote:
> is it a single s0 card?
> how do you ring the 3 phones?
> no problems with the installation of mISDN so far.
> it is as easy as on Bristuff
> regards
> Henrik Woffinden schrieb:
>> Hi
>> Sorry... I haven't been specific enough...
>> I have several ISDN phones on my "inside" NT mode ISDN card, and I wan't
>> 3 of the MSN (local) numbers to ring at the same time. I can't get more
>> than 2 phones to ring at the same time, unless I ring them all by
>> dialing the group, but that's not what I want.
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