[asterisk-users] CDR question with SIP/IAX trunks

Koopmann, Jan-Peter Jan-Peter.Koopmann at seceidos.de
Fri Sep 15 03:04:00 MST 2006



Call comes in via ISDN BRI on Asterisk A. Callerid (set by zapata) is let's say 0151123456789. In the incoming context I prepend a 0 to that callerid. My snom correctly displays 00151123456789. The call is also "forwarted" to Asterisk B. On the incoming context of Asterisk B I prepend yet another prefix 98. The callerid now is 9800151123456789 which is correctly displayed on the SNOM on Asterisk B. So far so good.

The CDR on Asterisk B logs the callerid 001511234567890 though and ignores the prepended 98. Any ideas why?

Kind regards,

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