[asterisk-users] Re: Can you explain why multiple registration is an important (missing) feature ?

Tomislav Parčina tparcina at lama.hr
Fri Sep 15 01:59:43 MST 2006

In article <450A5682.5050909 at itwm.fraunhofer.de>, christian.mohrbacher at itwm.fraunhofer.de says...
> In some cases : Yes.
> But we have the following situation : We re using cisco 7960 phones in
> each office (about 150 of them)

Do Cisco phones support paging/intercom? If yes, please send me link to some useful pages.

> Now we want to give the user's the ability to "take their number with
> them". So when you change places you can call a defined number which
> will write you a config file for your new phone.

To much work. Is it working right?

> Now, if I have extension 1234 and go to a different office, or to a
> meeting room, etc and log into that phone using my extension, if i did
> not log out my normal phone we have a problem because we have to SIP/1234.
> I haven't found a good solution for that yet, but if I could register
> two SIP/1234 phones the problem would be solved.

I would like that Asterisk supports multiple registers, but till then you could use dynamic agents. Agent can log in from every phone. And you send incoming phone call to agent instead to extension.

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