[asterisk-users] Zork & Asterisk; zoip 0.2.0 released

Simon P. Ditner simon-asterisk at uc.org
Thu Sep 14 09:12:21 MST 2006

ZoIP 0.2.0, the Zork/Asterisk bridge has finally been released. Now you
too can play 80's era text adventures over the phone using
text-to-speech, and speech recognition ;-)

What's a text adventure like you ask? Well, depending on your skill, a
typical dialog might go something like this:

<computer> It is dark, you are likely to be eaten by a grue.
      <me> Turn on lantern
<computer> You are in a cavern, axe marks line the wall. There is an
           angry troll here.
      <me> Kill troll with sword
<computer> You swing, the troll dodges, and removes your head with his
           axe. You are dead.

The INSTALL file is based on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS, though for the most part,
you should be able to substitute 'apt-get' for 'yum'. See http://zoip.org
for the goods, or download directly: http://demo.zoip.org/zoip-0.2.0.tar.gz

Fairly major changes:
- No longer need to run Festival as a service
- No more DTMF, speech recognition using Sphinx2
- Bundled the necessary sphinx2 language model and acoustic model for the
  speech recognition.
- It is now called as a standard AGI rather than EAGI
- I've removed all the hardcoded paths
- Added a configuration file

For discussion, installation help, and such, see the forum linked off of


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