[asterisk-users] Maximum retries exceeded on transmission

AJ Grinnell ajgrinnell at gmail.com
Thu Sep 14 07:21:49 MST 2006

I have searched this list and others, and see other pepole having this
issue. However, I have not seen how to fix it.

Sep 12 18:52:36 *WARNING*[4620]: *chan_sip.c*:*1835 retrans_pkt*: Maximum
retries exceeded on transmission
778f89593967725f0abe40eb1752504c at for seqno 1620 (Critical

Sep 12 18:52:36 *WARNING*[4620]: *chan_sip.c*:*1835 retrans_pkt*: Hanging up
call 778f89593967725f0abe40eb1752504c at no reply to our critical

What is the critical packet that is not being responded to? Please help.
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