[asterisk-users] callback without agi

Pato Valarezo patovala at pupilabox.net.ec
Thu Sep 14 07:12:04 MST 2006

Jean-Michel Hiver wrote:
> Patricio Valarezo a écrit :
>> Hi, it's possible to implement a callback without agi?, i'm trying 
>> this but * exits without dialing (if I hungup during s,3 wait) but if 
>> it hungs in s,4 it dials, so is there an explanation to this behavior? 
>> there is an alternative to do it? just for learning
> Sorry to ask, but what's wrong with AGI?
> Cheers,
> Jean-Michel.

Thanks for the answers, I just thougt than using AGI is like killing 
flyes with a cannon ;-), i've implemented a new approach with AGI 
anyway, i'm in a deeplearning process.

I've another question: when you enumerate the extensions priority  with 
'n' what's the better aproach to handle the n+101 extensions?


exten => 333,n,Authenticate(1234)
exten => 333,n+101,NoOp(Is this ok??)

Or i have to explicitly enumerate the priority? ... i'm searching for 
doc about this.

thanks a lot

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