[asterisk-users] SOLVED: ringback on box with E1 and premicell

yusuf yusuf at ecntelecoms.com
Thu Sep 14 03:36:50 MST 2006


I had been struggling with this, and I thought I will post the solution.

I am running Asterisk, with a Sangoma A101 card in it.  I also have 2 Digium FXO cards, and 
I have premicells connected to the FXO's .  Calls come in off the Sangoma E1 cards, from a Philips 
PABX.  The problem I have is that the user, when he dials from his desk phone, does not get any 
ringtone when he dials  a cell phone, which goes over the premicells.  So the cell phone will ring, 
but the user wont hear anything until the cell perosn answers, then everything's fine.  But when I 
try to debug it, I used a sip phone to dial a cell number, that you get ringtone.

Yet other calls from the PBX, non cell calls, have ringtone.  So when a call uses the E1 anf FXO, I 
get no ringtone.

This is true *only* when in zapata.conf with

The ZAP device (a premicell),  sends polarityswitches when the call starts and when the
call ends.

in zapata.conf with


then when  the phone starts to ring, you dont hear it ring, only when the person answers the phone
do you start to hear him talk.

So therefore I do not hear the phone ring when answeronpolarityswitch=yes


in zaptel.conf
in zapata.conf


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