[asterisk-users] RE: voicemailmain errors on CLI

Tomislav Parčina tparcina at lama.hr
Thu Sep 14 01:46:53 MST 2006

In article <007a01c6d747$08762c50$0500a8c0 at DIPPOLITOS>, sergio.dippolito at incore-systems.com.ar says...
> You have to leave a message in the voicemail, then listen it and the error
> will not apear again.

That's bad procedure. Because, all of my clients receive voicemails on e-mail with delete option. So, they will newer listen voicemail and Old directory won't be created. And I'm always getting this error.

This should be changed!
What is the procedure to change this in code? Is the bug tracker right way to do it?

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