[asterisk-users] Snom 360 Function Keys

Conrad Wood asterisk-users at conradwood.net
Wed Sep 13 14:23:31 MST 2006

> 2) One digium quadri primary ISDN interface (TE410P)
> 3) Two Rhino Channel Banks
> 4) 25 Analogue Phones on every channel bank
> How I can configure function keys on my SNOM 360 for monitoring analogue 
> phone status?

I haven't used the Rhino Channel banks yet, so I'm guessing to some
degree here:
I'm not exactly sure how you address each phone on the channel bank.
Presumably it connects to the digium card. If so, don't you have
something like ZAP/1 to dial first phone ZAP/2 to dial second etc?

If so, you should be able to add hints to your dialplan for each phone
and make the snom monitor those.
The snom360 works rather well with hinting and allows you to
call/transfer a call to the monitored phone when you press the button

For example...

in the dialplan:
exten => 4101,hint,Zap/1

for the functionkey (type destination) put:
<sip:4101 at;user=phone>


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