[asterisk-users] set global variable

Richard Lyman pchammer at dynx.net
Wed Sep 13 12:41:32 MST 2006

Jan Fousek wrote:
> Hi all,
>  is there any possibility of setting the global variables from outside of asterisk?
> Like manager api or something like that.
> Thanks a lot
not sure about current svn trunk,

but in the past you could set a channel var with

action: SetVar
channel: Zap/49-1

but required a channel

action: GetVar will get channel or global vars

you should be able to easily mod manager.c to use ast_get_channel_by_name
code if channel is passed, and use pbx_builtin_setglobalvar otherwise.

sad thing is setvar is depeciated in favor of set.  (reminder, no clue 
what current svn trunk has)

i hope this helps

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