[asterisk-users] I need to record 30 conversations and have other 30 with music on hold, all at the same time, can a PIV handle it?

MF manrique.feoli at kinetos.com
Wed Sep 13 08:49:13 MST 2006

Thanks Raphael

I'll plan to upgrade to amd64 right away, but in the mean time do you 
think working with PIV could be a major problem?   that is is it 
probable that this setting will miserably fail with a PIV ??      Or 
just a tight situation where it might work  with some limitations when 
fully loaded?   
What should I expect while working with PIV before switching to amd64?.



Raphaël Jacquot escribió:
> MF wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have a 2 E1 system with 32 zap FXS extensions (all Zaptel,  with
>> TDM2400),  on a PIV,  3GHz, 1GB, 
>> Well my question is wether I'll be able to use it for peak demand moment,
>> that is having all 60 channels busy 30 talking to agents on the FXS,
>> while recording their conversation at the same time,  and the other 30
>> with music on hold while wait.  This is all based on the Queue
>> application of *.
>> Does any one thinks this system WONT be able to handle it?     Am I
>> crazy of even trying it?
> the intel processors at great at number crunching, but suck ass at I/O
> I'd get an amd64 box instead

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