[asterisk-users] I need to record 30 conversations and have other 30 with music on hold, all at the same time, can a PIV handle it?

MF manrique.feoli at kinetos.com
Thu Sep 14 07:07:30 MST 2006


I have a 2 E1 system with 32 zap FXS extensions (all Zaptel,  with 
TDM2400),  on a PIV,  3GHz, 1GB,  

Well my question is wether I'll be able to use it for peak demand moment, 

that is having all 60 channels busy 30 talking to agents on the FXS, 
while recording their conversation at the same time,  and the other 30 
with music on hold while wait.  This is all based on the Queue 
application of *.

Does any one thinks this system WONT be able to handle it?     Am I 
crazy of even trying it?

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